Daily Archive August 21, 2014

Come Together for Arts

There have been numerous art exhibits in many countries. The world’s passion for art has clearly not faded that even in today’s economic struggles, both artists and art enthusiasts still find their way to the market. You might ask how?

As evident as it is, online marketing is leading the marketing industry. You click on a marketing ad and before you know it you are loving where you have been headed; and you share your experience together with its page; and all of your friends with the same interest and passion for, let’s say art, look into that page and does the same thing you did. And before you know it, that page hits the first pages of the search engine.

Now the other side of marketing deals with offline marketing. How is this done? The traditional marketing strategies: putting up of banners and posters, printing brochures, telemarketing, etc.

Both of these strategies appear good. But when it comes to art, nothing beats the experience of walking through a room with a collection of art from all over the world. This is called an art exhibit. And this is the best way to market art.

One of the best art exhibitions that’s in record is the one in Torino and in the Piedmont region—this fair is called Artissima. It was last recorded to have over 50,000 visitors and journalists of around 1,200.

Artissima is dedicated to contemporary art. Its famous four sections have now expanded to five: from the Main Section that displays global landscape, to the Present Future that helps give new emerging artists some exposure, to the Back to the Future section which is a selection from the 60’s up until the 90’s, to the New Entries section that features young galleries, to the newly added section, Art Editions section that is self-explanatory.

This is the coming together of all artists and art enthusiasts.