Daily Archive August 19, 2014

Where to Find the Best Antique Collection?


When you go traveling you probably do not notice it but in every city there’s always a museum, a collection of a variety of arts. And most of these collections are antiques.

Let us define what antiques are. The word comes from antiquus which means “ancient”. It has since then evolved to mean “a very old collectible item”.  According to the U.S. customer service, an antique is any item that is at least 100 years of age. So you can only imagine how many antiques are produced every year 100 years from today. In a British dictionary, antiques are simply defined as a decorative object created at an earlier period that is being valued for its durability and beauty.

Many travelers go to Europe for antiques. One of the few famous antique exhibitions is found in Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, East Midlands of England.

The business exhibition is called International Antique and Collectors Fair-Newark. This is a world-renowned antique fair and the biggest in Europe.

This exhibition that is usually a one-day event has now turned into a two-day celebration of antiquity.

This antique exhibit covers varying aspects of antiquity with profiles involving antique art glass and art works (more from the medieval age) like paintings and sculptures, antique furniture including woven rugs and carpets, antique clocks and even antique toys. But the most notable is the collection of antique jewelry. It never fails to amuse both old and new visitors.

With an enormous 84 acre site, this business exhibition can accommodate up to 2,500 stands. This is the perfect target market for both buyers and dealers of antiques—and a great place to find a bargain, with this many set of competitors.

The International Antique and Collectors Fair is the best place to do some vintage shopping, especially if you’re a really big fan of antiques.