Daily Archive August 15, 2014

The Greatest Beer Exhibit

Great Britain now again celebrates their annual beer festival—Great British Beer Festival.
Going back to its history, the first GBBF (Great British Beer Festival) was in 1975 in central London. But it did not become the official GBBF until 1977.

As one of the most awaited exhibitions in Great Britain, the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) undertakes preparations to a very great extent.

Running on the first week of August, this five-day business event takes place in London’s Olympia exhibition center. The exhibition being home to the Champion Beer of Britain expects the presence of about 50,000 to 60,000 attendees. Yes, it probably has always been the biggest pub in the world. It not only features British breweries but also foreign beer, and a variety of gastronomic delights from all over Europe and the USA.

This year, 2014, this business exhibition admits mostly beer and pub companies totaling the number of festival stalls to approximately 36.

Tickets for CAMRA members range from £ 8.00 to £22.00 while for non-members of CAMRA, the lowest ticket price is £10.00 with the highest at £26.00. Alternatively, there are on-sale tickets on certain schedules priced at £10.00 for members and £12.00 for non-members. It is recommended to book in groups as the usual discounts still apply every year.


Tickets for other programmes are also sold. These other programmes include tutored tastings, trades, etc. Tutored tasting allows participants to become beer connoisseurs by taking a class with the experts.

As you can see, this exhibition also allows the members of the beer industry other opportunities for marketing—to both the public and to co-members. There’s a programme called Trade Session where the beer companies show off their finest beers to be judged by the board of Champion Beer of Britain.