Daily Archive August 7, 2014

The Business Travel


Among the many types of travel, business travel seems to be the less exciting and most challenging to prepare.

And though the experts in business travels, those that have traveled and are traveling more than ten times a month whether locally or internationally, can say that they have gotten used to the travel and had eventually adapted to a system that helps them get organized, it doesn’t make this fact any less challenging to the rest.

It does help to condition your mind on what to expect when you are on a business trip: a complete yet lightweight luggage, long trips, perpetual jet lag, long meetings and uncomfortable hotels–are what you get.

Usually, recreation during business trips don’t come to mind. After all in most cases any form of activity outside the scope of the business trip will not be in your itinerary–unless you had instructed your secretary to include such.

So, let us first deal with how we wrap our heads around avoiding as much as we can the least exciting matters in a business travel.

* Travel light: it is proven to be one of the most comfortable travels if you travel light. Prefer to bring a carry-on rather than a huge luggage of unnecessary things.

* Get a good sleep before and during your flight, especially for long hours of travel.

* When you reach your destination, get an up-close look at the city while you walk or jog around it to recharge your body and have it adjust to the temperature.

* Sync your body clock with the timezone’s clock. This is important so you get the right amount of sleep, and long ones, too.

* Wrap up your business meetings as quickly as possible. Long meetings do not prove to be productive in many cases. Get to the point fast; and close the deal.

* Make time to visit family and friends who live within the city.